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No-Chem Bed Solutions
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No-Chem Bed Solutions Mattress Wrap

Our mattress wraps are made from 5.5 mil (139.7 microns) food grade polyethylene plastic sheeting. It slips over your mattress like a large pillow case.

Although we once carried two sizes, one for twin/full and one for queen/king, we came to realize that the twin and full size mattresses actually fit better inside a queen/king cover when rotated the "wrong way" into the cover. See what we mean here. As you can see, if you plan ahead, the same cover can be used on a queen/king in the future if you change mattress sizes.

The Mattress Wrap will accommodate all sizes of mattresses up to 15" thick.


(Please choose the shipping location closest to you if you are outside the U.S. )

If your sheets are old, or barely fit your mattress, you may experience them slipping off the corners once you put on your mattress wrap. You might be interested in this product as well:

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