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In 2005, we splurged on a popular "memory foam" mattress that was quite expensive. The scent from our new mattress was absolutely horrible, and even with our knowledge of chemical off-gassing, we made the best of it and waited for the smell to dissipate. It never really did, and I grew increasingly fearful of exactly what we were breathing in every night (as well as absorbing into our bodies). There has been a lot of speculation on the internet about this brand of mattress and others like it, but the truth is, all mattresses off-gas: New mattresses off-gas chemicals, and old mattresses off-gas chemicals and additional toxins. We are under the impression that once we can't smell the mattress anymore, we are safe, but that is just not so! We are also under the impression that what doesn't kill us right away must be safe, and that is incorrect as well.

We have had a mattress wrap on our mattress for about eight months now. Before we wrapped it, we would have said that it no longer smells. One day I accidentally ripped the plastic, and the smell that came out was a horrible, new mattress smell. So even if you think your mattress is done off-gassing, you are wrong! We wrapped our mattress when it was over two years old.

You must know these things about the mattress wrap before you purchase:

  • No matter what you put over the mattress wrap, you will feel like you are sleeping on plastic
  • The plastic is noisy when you move yet not unbearable. (Listen here)
  • Can't bear the thought of sleeping on plastic? Get a Non-Toxic Bed here


  • The 5.5 mil food grade polyethylene sheeting is the thickness required to prevent gases from permeating it
  • Gases coming from your mattress will be kept from your skin and from your breathing space
  • The cover does not make the mattress any hotter than it would be without it (as tested on our "memory foam" mattress which is known for its heat production)
  • The wraps do not negate any of the positive effects from your expensive mattress (the memory foam still performs as it should)
  • Your mattress will be protected from common childhood mishaps such as vomiting in the middle of the night, or someone wetting the bed
  • The cover also functions as a dust mite barrier for allergy prone family members, and can be used to prevent (and kill) bed bugs.

So while it might be a little irritating, the benefits (for us) make it worth the noises we put up with when we move in the bed. We are proud to provide this product so that you can have a safe sleeping environment as well!

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