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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an alternative to mattress wrapping? Yes, look for an organic mattress or non-toxic bed. These are more costly, obviously, and worth it if you can afford an organic mattress.

How do I know that this plastic isn't harmful as well? Food grade polyethylene is an inert plastic that does not off-gas. That is why it was chosen by the FDA to be safe for food.

I have read that some polyethylene has additives in it that can be harmful. Do these wraps have additives? No. Many people are wary of all plastics, especially softer plastics because of the use of phthalates in vinyl (which covers almost all crib mattresses that have a plastic cover). Vinyl requires softeners such as phthalates to make the plastic softer and pliable. Polyethylene by its nature is soft and flexible, and therefore does not require additives to make it useful. (It is also BPA-free).

Where are your mattress wraps made? They are made in the USA.

Instructions say to cut vent holes in the plastic. Doesn't this defeat the purpose? There is a common misconception that off-gassing from mattresses pollute the entire room in which it sits. This is not true. The closer you get, the more harmful, the further away, the less harmful. Baby mattresses are wrapped with similar wraps, with vent holes underneath the mattress. Nevertheless, mattresses wrapped in this way have prevented crib death with a 100% success rate. We feel certain that similarly wrapped mattresses will be successful for adults as well. The reason that the "Back to Sleep" campaign was successful for crib death rates is because the gases coming from mattresses are heavier than air. So simply raising the head a mere six inches or so from the surface of the mattress saved many babies' lives. With vent holes being underneath the bed, there is no harm in gases seeping slowly from the wrap, whether to a person sleeping in the bed, or a person simply standing in the room. Should you not feel this is accurate, feel free to leave your mattress wrap intact, but accept that you might experience increased fungal growth inside your mattress, and realize that you will likely experience "puffing up" under the wrap when you move around on the mattress.

I have heard that the mattress wraps have a strong odor. Do they? To me, no. To MANY other customers, no. So far we have had two customers who have complained about an odor. Polyethylene is manufactured from petro-chemicals, so some people with extreme chemical sensitivities will notice an odor and possibly even a reaction from the product. This does not mean that there are additives in the product, or that it is not food grade quality. (Similarly, some people can't burn paraffin candles, while others have no problem with them.)  Recently I was in Target and happened to walk by a shelf holding plastic tubs. If you want to see what the covers smell like, go to your nearest home goods store and find the CLEAR plastic storage tubs. You will notice a distinct odor, but remember that there are a LOT of the tubs and you will only have one mattress cover. The scent of one mattress cover is definitely much weaker. Hope this helps!

Is there scientific backing to support this product? This product was brought to the market after the success of mattress wrapping was demonstrated on babies' mattresses for well over a decade. Known as the "toxic gas theory," it has been established that babies have died in their cribs due to the mattresses on which they sleep. Babies who have slept on properly wrapped mattresses have not died from crib death, even in countries where crib death was once statistically very high (New Zealand). The same concept has been applied to adult mattresses, or mattresses of children  who suffer from asthma, chemical sensitivities, and even allergies to dust mites.

How noisy is the plastic, really? This is subjective, so no way to answer that. If you are terribly sick, I bet you don't care how noisy it is. And if you aren't, I bet you can get used to it. If you know that you are super picky about this sort of thing, then you probably will not want to wrap your mattress.

Here are a few examples of the sound of the plastic. All were taken with the same camera.

In the first clip, you can barely hear any noise, but there was some. I held the camera right at my face level while turning over, and aimed the camera at the ceiling.

My fitted sheet keeps slipping off the corners. How can I fix this? Make sure that when you shop for fitted sheets that you purchase the ones with "deep pockets," and if possible, buy ones with elastic around the entire sheet edge. I know it is hard to tell when they are in the package, but from my experience the more expensive sheets are made this way. If you are using older sheets, here is a solution:

Can you ship using the postal system to countries outside the U.S.? We ship all orders U.S. Priority Mail. We know that other carriers charge outrageous fees, so we always use the United States Post Office for our international customers as well as U.S. addresses.

Do you have a return policy? Yes, we don't take returns. The only return we accept is on damaged product. If you change your mind before opening, we will accept your return. But once the product is opened, it is yours. We refund the purchase price less 10% on all returned product.

Why don't you have a phone number available? I am a single mom, homeschooling my kids, and there is no time left at the end of the day to get business taken care of AND take phone calls. You are welcome to ask questions via email.